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Contact Information – Are you ready for an auction or a traditional real estate listing ? We have you covered.

It is our guess you can not answer that question right now. Give us a bit of your time and we can help you work through what it takes to have a successful auction or real estate listing and determine if an auction or listing  is the right option for you.

When you are ready and want to sell:  Ag or development land, machinery, business assets, settle an estate or turn your collections into cash, an auction or traditional real estate listing  may be the perfect answer. Either way we have you covered.

You call and we haul, in less than 60 minutes after arrival we can give you a firm idea on how best to proceed.  If an auction or listing is the best option, we will tell you.  If an auction is not right for you, we will tell you. If a listing is right for you we will tell you.

The world gathers here on our website giving you the most exposure for your auction or real estate listing. We sell live-on-the-lot and live-on-line.  We have  great success with our on-line bidding platform  we bring the best of today’s technology to your auction or real estate listing.

Not all auctions are candidates for the on-line presence.  If it is then your auction  will be on-line and ready for your inspection weeks before the day of your auction.

Call Jim at 605-880-9129, Gene at 605-520-3604, Charlie at 605-881-3543

Brenda at 605-237-1964 or Roy at 605-881-7909

We would love to go to WORK for you !

Text ACEMAIL to 22828 to receive auction updates via email.

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